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Join us at the first global summit to prevent child and teenage suicide.


The SOS agenda for 2020 will feature mental health practitioners, researchers, and many other people who have revolutionised the way we think about and act towards not only child and teenage suicide but mental health as a whole. 
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Maj. General (Ret)

Dana J.H. Pittard

As a commanding general, he led Fort Bliss, Texas from having one of the highest suicide rates in the U.S. Army in 2010 to the lowest suicide rate of any major installation in the U.S. military in 2012.


Fort Bliss was the first military installation in U.S. history awarded the International LivingWorks Community of Excellence Award for effective suicide prevention and intervention progress in 2012. Dana has been a key speaker at numerous conferences worldwide that advocate suicide prevention. He is also an author, triathlete, and serves on the Board of the Matthew Silverman Memorial Foundation to prevent youth suicides.

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The Summit will feature a wide variety of speakers from all across the mental health ecosystem. Speakers are not selected by "pay-to-play", but rather based on the merit of what they will reveal. Speakers are experts, innovators and thought leaders from across the spectrum of mental health services, technologies, and business models. Nominate your speaker by August 15, 2020. All submissions will receive a reply by September 1, 2020.