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Located at the heart of innovation and discussions of change, the networking opportunities of SOS maximize your time by helping you connect with others who share your interests and are seeking to create collaborations to help both you and your organization grow.

Matching Opportunities matches investors with startups in a series of one on one meetings to advance the conversation. This “speed-dating” format maximizes the number of meetings for investors and startups and will take place during two 1-hour sessions at SOS 2020.


Whether you are seeking seed or Series A,B,C, Funding Founders connects the startup and investment community together to accelerate the conversation and bring a deal to the table starting at SOS.

Round off your first day of activities with our Thursday evening Happy Hours. This intimate atmosphere allows for peer-to-peer conversations in a casual setting where attendees can get to know one another and start the dialogue of how to recreate a mental health system that works for all. Don't miss the opportunity to listen, learn and explore synergies.
The Gala Evening allows for a comfortable setting to begin discussions on change in child and teenage suicide. Attendees will be able to collectively vote on winners for the following categories: Research, Prediction, Prevention, Therapy, Schools, and Community. If you or anyone you know has done amazing work in any of these categories please nominate them for an award. Nominations will be accepted until a week before the event.

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Join us at the first global summit to prevent child and teenage suicide.